Identifying opportunities for growth: A Marketing & Financial Approach


Unleash Growth Potential: Unlocking Opportunities & Optimizing Your Business

Are you a leader in a larger organization seeking to propel your company to the next level? This exclusive workshop brings together the expertise of market research specialist Catherine Zahidi, financial guru Peter Lee, and a combined knowledge of business strategy to equip you with the tools and insights crucial for sustainable growth.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Market Research for Growth Hacking: Leverage market research to identify untapped opportunities for expansion. Learn how to analyze customer trends, uncover competitor weaknesses, and position your brand for success in a dynamic market.
  • KBI & Financial Acumen: Gain a deeper understanding of Key Business Indicators (KPIs) and financial metrics. Peter Lee will guide you through interpreting data like Five Forces analysis and cash flow statements to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Systems & Structures Optimization: Diagnose and streamline internal systems and structures to enhance operational efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Exit Strategy & M&A Considerations: Explore various exit strategies for your business, including mergers and acquisitions. Peter Lee will discuss financial considerations and market research insights to inform your long-term goals.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Executives and senior managers in established organizations.
  • Business leaders seeking to drive sustainable growth.
  • Individuals responsible for strategic planning and corporate development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the competitive edge!

Limited seats available! Secure your spot and unlock your company’s full potential.


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