How to start a business with less?



Ever feel that exciting business idea held hostage by a shoestring budget? You’re not alone. Many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck at the starting line, overwhelmed by the perceived costs of launching a successful venture.

But what if you could build a thriving business without breaking the bank?

Our in-person workshop in Christchurch co-hosted by market research expert Catherine Zahidi and financial guru Peter Lee will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the early stages of your business journey on a budget.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Market research insights: Learn how to validate your concept and ensure your product or service resonates with your target audience, eliminating costly mistakes.
  • Budgeting mastery: Craft a realistic financial plan that maximizes your resources and helps you make informed investment decisions.
  • Cost-effective marketing strategies: Discover how to reach your target customers without a hefty marketing budget, utilizing powerful digital marketing techniques.
  • Funding exploration: Uncover various funding options, from bootstrapping to attracting investors, to fuel your business growth.

Don’t let budget limitations hold you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dream!

Take action now and Secure your spot today and join us in Christchurch! Limited seats available!


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