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Ever feel like your marketing degree prepared you for everything except deciphering market research? Yeah, us too. Data overload, confusing surveys, and results that leave you scratching your head – it’s enough to make anyone question their career path.

Guessing what your customers want is a recipe for marketing frustration.

That’s where we come in. We’re your guide through the market research maze, translating research jargon into actionable insights tailored to your business. Think of us as your research superpowers, combined with your industry expertise!

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PBA and the University of  Canterbury Panel Discussion

Why businesses fail?

Successful businesses adapt and usually that journey has involved multiple attempts and failures! New Zealand and Australia Statistics suggested a strong correlation to market research. Which means businesses were failing due to a lack of understanding of their markets for the first few years.

Some businesses fail due to their traditional approach. Instead a more market focused approached has been implemented by many businesses and has now been taught over many Universities to reduce the risk of failure. 

Here are the top five reasons that businesses fail:

  1. high cost of getting customers
  2. high cost of product developments
  3. limited number of people taking risks
  4. investment opportunities 
  5. limited real expertise and specialists involved in practical businesses


Many of the problems that was shown in earlier research of small businesses was to do with the marketing, accounting and management which is also still one of the biggest problems that persist in recent research today.

The infancy period following a startup are the vulnerable times for a business where many fail to develop into thriving and prosperous businesses. Research have shown that with implementing strategic systems and approaches this will likely lead to a thriving business.

At different stages of a business life cycle there are different strategical methods that have been effective for business growth. For example prior to starting a business, the first 3 to 6 months depending on the nature of business highly involves market validation. Once the business has been launched and incorporated the 5 years that follow are the critical years to evaluate the survival and growth rate of a business. Marketing becomes a key player for the first 5 years of a start-up and ensuring that a business survives depends highly on Strategic marketing.

We leverage market research to provide strategic approaches that your target audiences can resonate with. Will help business like yours stop the guess work and operate with clarity by leveraging market research data.

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