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Haven’t got enough time to network, attend classes in person or make it to any individual sessions? Check out our networking space online.

We have partnered up with 3 other business owners to provide trainings for small business owners who are looking at traininng themselves on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Effective Marketing Strategies. Providing you with an easy, simple but strategic guidance with what you need to succeed your small business. Your complete business guide to upskill you on low-cost yet effective strategies for small businesses.

Success Sessions

Our success one on one sessions are for businesses looking for a quick boost in their businesses. Tailored individual sessions are offered in our 3 Packages to suit your business budgetary needs.

Whether you’re seeking to amplify your brand’s presence, refine your marketing strategy, or gain practical insights to propel your business forward, these sessions are designed to deliver precisely what you need.

Leverage Market Research for Strategic Decisions

Fast-Track Your Teams Success with our Market Research Training Programs

Ready to experience a growth & transformation in your business? With market research you are able to champion well informed strategies to create competitive advantages.

Individual Management Projects

We work with our clients to gain clarity around business planning , strategy and continuity. We provide a step by step guide in managing your small business and growing your business to a sustainable level.

Individual Marketing Projects

We focus on low cost and effective marketing projects to boost your business growth and sales. These projects are heavily supported with market research and proven strategies. To name a few marketing projects we have worked on: Copy Writing, Content Writing, SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Branding Projects. To find out if we can help support your projects please get in touch.

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To drive your business to growth through our strategic approaches

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One on One Coaching Sessions provides business like yours with instant results

Business Marketing Consultant

We specialise in Marketing Approaches that drives results

Dedication to Clients

We listen and help our clients gain clarity

Professional Liability

We acknowledge that all businesses are different and may need tailored strategy to overcame their challenges

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Client Testimonial

Telefina Sio
    Telefina Sio


    As a small business owner based in the islands with limited resources at our disposal we would like to extend our sincere thanks to PBA for the continuous support. Being a small business solely relys on good marketing skills to get sales and with PBAs assistance they were able to boost our sales and helped extend our reach overseas. Additionally we have found confidence within our business community to provide our services at the best of our ability. I would 100% recommend PBAs services to any fellow business owner whether new or old especially with advice around business strategy since PBA has always been specific and very helpful in developing our business.

    Fatima Shah
      Fatima Shah

      Fatima’s Bakery

      In the midst of operating my small bakery business from home for three years, I found myself grappling with reaching second-year goals. PBA’s 6-month coaching program turned our trajectory around, introducing ingenious solutions tailored for a bakery like mine: Catherine expertly uncovered an untapped market niche, refining my baked goods and branding to captivate a new customer base. Their guidance transformed my sporadic sales into a consistent income stream by helping me launch a subscription-based offering. Embracing modern tools, Catherine elevated my digital presence, enhancing both my online bakery experience and customer satisfaction. Catherine empowered me with data-driven insights, enabling me to craft delectable strategies that consistently drove growth. As I celebrate surpassing my second-year goals, I can’t thank Catherine and PBA enough for their pivotal role in sweetening my success.

      Sieni Thomas
        Sieni Thomas

        Toddler Rescue

        As a stay-at-home mom, I transformed my handmade interactive toddler toys into an online venture using Shopify. But sales were slow until Catherine stepped in: She made my toys a cherished experience, not just products, through captivating branding. Catherine revamped my Shopify store, attracting my target audience like magic. Also, with their advice, my Instagram went from personal to a sales-driving showcase. Catherine’s tips for engaging content and smart scaling skyrocketed my sales. Thanks to Catherine, I’m turning my passion into a profit from home.

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