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You wear so many hats, it feels like a costume party – but nobody’s laughing (except maybe the overwhelm monster).

You’re the CEO, marketing guru, customer service champ, and probably the janitor some days. Running a small business is your passion, but lately, it feels like you’re constantly guessing what your customers truly want. You’re pouring your heart and soul into your products and services, but are they hitting the mark?

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. Countless small business owners struggle to understand their customers on a deeper level. We get it – between juggling a million tasks and keeping the lights on, figuring out what makes your customers tick can feel like an impossible feat.

That’s where this checklist comes in.

I’ve put together 5 unexpected questions that go beyond the surface, helping you tap into the hidden desires and frustrations of your customers. These aren’t your typical “how was your experience?” questions. These are the kind of questions that will make you say, “Wow, I never thought about that!”

Because sometimes, the biggest breakthroughs come from the questions you never thought to ask.


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Expand Your Horizons: Join The Business Circle!


Looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share your passions, and unlock new opportunities? The Business Circle is your gateway to a vibrant network designed to bridge communities and fuel business growth.


Here’s what awaits you at our next event:

  • Diverse and Inclusive Environment: We celebrate the unique voices of businesses from all backgrounds and industries.
  • Connect with different Businesses: Share your culture and passion while forging valuable connections with entrepreneurs.
  • Guest Speakers & Networking Activities: Gain insights from industry experts and engage in facilitated networking sessions to build strong relationships.
  • Collaboration & Growth: Explore potential collaborations, discover new avenues for your business, and foster mutual success.

Registration is easy and open to everyone! Secure your spot for just $25, which covers breakfast and helps us support our ongoing events. Registration typically closes 3 days before the event.


Our upcoming guest speaker features Jacob Varghese, Head of Start ups at HTK Group. 

NZ startups are like the hobbits of innovation – small but mighty and Jacob is all about making waves in climate change, energy, and health innovation and a master facilitator in all HTK Group.


An experienced Finance, innovation management and business consultancy, Jacob loves to work alongside founders in the trenches to unknot gnarly problems that hinder their growth journey.


So, saddle up your creativity and join Jacob and HTK Startup fellowship, and jump on the journey through the unexplored territories of business brilliance!


Don’t miss out! Register today!


Click the registration button below to join The Business Circle and watch your business thrive!


P.S. We offer advertising opportunities to showcase your business to our network. Contact us for details on featuring your business in our email newsletter and contact list circulated after each event!


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