Ever had an exciting business idea held hostage by a shoestring budget?

You’re not alone. Many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck at the starting line, overwhelmed by the perceived costs of launching a successful venture.

But what if you could build a thriving business without breaking the bank?

Our 1 hour in-person workshop in Christchurch co-hosted by market research expert Catherine Zahidi and financial guru Peter Lee will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the early stages of your business journey on a budget.

Why Attend?:

  • Free 6-month mentoring: Gain valuable guidance beyond the workshop by receiving 6 months of free mentoring from Peter Lee (Chartered Accountant & Investor) and Catherine Zahidi (Marketer & Market Research Specialist) after attending the workshop. 
  • Bring a friend for free: Double the learning and the fun! Students can bring a friend for free to the workshop (tickets are normally $179).
  • Actionable strategies: Learn practical marketing and accounting tactics that you can implement immediately to see results.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Market research insights: Learn how to validate your concept and ensure your product or service resonates with your target audience, eliminating costly mistakes.
  • Digital marketing: Learn tools, effective strategies and practical insights for Marketing with less dollars spent.
  • Budgeting mastery: Craft a realistic financial plan that maximizes your resources and helps you make informed investment decisions.
  • Cost-effective marketing strategies: Discover how to reach your target customers without a hefty marketing budget, utilizing powerful digital marketing techniques.
  • Funding exploration: Uncover various funding options, from bootstrapping to attracting investors, to fuel your business growth.

Don’t miss your opportunity to gain invaluable insights and take your business to new heights! Stay tuned for more details on workshop dates and registration.

Our Time Slots Available

1 – Hour Workshop & Networking
Thursday 2nd May 2024

Morning Session

Slot 1: 11AM – 12PM

Peter Lee

Chartered Accountant | Property Investor

Website: pnc.co.nz

Peter, runs a small accounting practice where they combine their deep understanding of Pacific traditions with expertise in New Zealand’s business challenges. Their dedication is to empower local businesses, particularly within the Pacific community, guiding them to financial success in Aotearoa’s diverse business environment.

Outside of his accounting practice, Peter is a property investor and a pilot. He is always developing and growing by constantly learning other skills in life that he can leverage. Much like other entrepreneurs, Peter has also juggled his accounting practice with family life and contributing heavily towards pacific communities.

Catherine Zahidi

Market Research Specialist | Marketing Strategist

Website: pba.org.nz

Catherine, is a professional with a passion for empowering Pacific communities, she has been at the forefront of facilitating access to valuable training and insights for small business owners in the Pacific region. Her commitment extends to collaborating with universities to guide Pacific students towards enriching career pathways.

Catherine has provided digital marketing trainings by leveraging her speciality in market research. She has completed two Masters Degrees with awards in Marketing and Global Innovation and Management. She has juggled motherhood with running her business from the comfort of her home and she hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs into business.

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